About Us

Chess Federation for Physically Disabled is a registered federation in India to look after the benefits and developments of physically disabled chess players in India.

It is tragic that the physically disabled people in India are not as much recognized as in the rest of the world. There had been no associations exclusively for physically disabled chess players in India until 2013 except the All India Chess Federation for the Blind which was working only for the visually disabled chess players. The secretary of CFPD Mr.G.Kanickai Irudhayaraj played a key role in the formation of Chess Federation for Physically Disabled in India. Being a father of chess player and five time IPCA world chess champion Ms.K.Jennitha Anto, he had to walk through a number of obstacles in making her a world champion. So, he with the help of some like minded people laid the foundation for CFPD by forming at first Trichy District Physically Disabled Chess Association in the year 2013. The success led to the formation of Tamilnadu Physically Disabled Chess Association and conducting the 1st Physically Disabled National Individual Chess Championship at Trichy in 2015 in the subsequent years. Physically disabled players from a number of states participated in the tournament. It garnered a nationwide attention and sufficient recognition for the achievements of the physically disabled chess players. It encouraged the formation of a national level association for physically disabled players in March 2017 i.e., Chess Federation for Physically Disabled. Being the first chess federation for physically disabled players in India, CFPD is affiliated with All India Chess Federation and Paralympic Committee of India. Until now, the number of players registered under CFPD is more than fifty members from ten states.


“Convert disability to ABILITY”


  • Selecting and suggesting players to the government authorities for International level physically disabled chess championships
  • Recognizing the achievements of world class physically disabled chess players
  • Handheld support for the financially deprived and potential physically disabled chess players event from the remotest places of India
  • Helping the physically disabled chess players for sponsorships in coaching and expenditures for international tournaments
  • Spreading awareness to all the physically disabled chess players about the already existing benefits like cash awards and help them claiming it.